carrie underwood // cry pretty 360 // 2019

amy lee mayer photography

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lives in

the split second when one is lost completely in the moment


website + rebrand

brand spanking new

and that "gone in a flash, so hit the shutter ... wait for it... now!"
is totally my happiest place to capture + create

It took me a while - eight years to be exact - to really work through my art, learn the craft, go through the paces, get knocked down, get back up again, try a bunch of different avenues, put the camera on the shelf, grab it again, check every "this is a photographer's nightmare" box (flash card up and crashed, losing everything while on a 60 minute deadline?? Been there, done that, have the bill for the software that saved my a**), rediscover my voice, find my passion + then put everything else that is "this is how you make it as a
<fill in the blank> photographer" into my personal F*ck It Bucket™.  

Because the first thing I learned in this industry is you have to be YOU - your voice, your style, your inspiration, your everything. 

And frankly, the moment everyone else starts doing the same thing - I want to immediately run + stop + evolve. (Have you noticed a lot of photos all look the same out there?)

All of that has led me here, to this moment, to a big change +  really running down a dream; which all culminates in a ...